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Creating Balance Project from London to Winchester

November 19, 2013

For the past year I have busy working on The Creating Balance Project. The project follows on from the Creative Portsmouth book again promoting the city but this time collaborating with Anglepoise® and 20 creative practitioners in Portsmouth.

This is a collaboration between business, education and the creative community in Portsmouth. The University of Portsmouth worked with Anglepoise® and community group Strong Island. The exhibition was launched in London as part of the London Design Festival. The exhibition consisted of 10 final photos taken by the photographers, all ten of the collaboration films made by BSC Television and Broadcast students Massimo Marzullo and Jonas Jakunas and the different modified and customised lamps. The project was selected to be part of the Icon Design Trail 2013 by Icon Magazine. The launch night was busy with not only the people involved in the project but also the general public from London and Portsmouth. Photographer Russell Squires had a lot of fun engaging with shoppers on Carnaby Street with a giant Anglepoise® lamp with a camera flash hidden in it. The exhibition was very successful at Speakeasy and over the 3 week period over 17,000 people viewed it. Very positive feedback and an invite to go back again next year with another project . .
Further details on the website at

The exhibition was featured soon after the opening in different places including the highly respected and independent Creative Boom website and it was even featured on the front page of the Financial Times supplement as the header image for their article of the London Design Festival highlights.

As part of the London Design Festival programme Creating Balance was invited to speak at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The talk focused on how the project as a whole could work as a template for future projects that focus on collaboration between artists and organisations in different sectors. Presenters at the talk included Simon Terry from Anglepoise®, Claire Sambrook and student Jack Daly from The University of Portsmouth, Paul Gonella from Strong Island and one of the other participants photographer Rob Luckins.

The exhibition opened last week in Pitfield Pop-Up, Winchester and will be there until December 7th. It will then open in aspex, Portsmouth on 10th January until 16th February 2014.


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