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Buy Book

You can buy the Creative Portsmouth book from the following places:

Online at:

The University of Portsmouth
WH Smiths

In Portsmouth at the following venues.

aspex, Gunwharf
Bored, Albert Road, Southsea
Bellamy’s Antiques, Albert Road, Southea
Barbara Tipple, Marmion Road, Southsea
Blackwells Academic Bookshop,  Cambridge Road, Portsmouth
Like a Teatray in The Sky, Osbourne Road, Southsea
Parmiter’s Antiques, Albert Road, Southsea
Southsea Gallery, Albert Road, Southsea
Portsmouth Tourist Information Centre, The Hard, Portsmouth
Portsmouth Museum, Museum Road, Southsea
Waterstones, Commercial Road, Portsmouth
The Bay Tree Bookshop, 13 The Precinct, Waterlooville
You can also pay for a copy online through the University of Portsmouth and pick the book up from James Watson Building.

More venues added soon.

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